Velcourt at Cereals 2014     


 Come and see the Velcourt team at Cereals this year.  The Velcourt Cereals 2014 stand will feature the usual mix of new technology and ideas from our R&D department, site tours and display explanations from a Velcourt farm manager, examples of our leading agronomic and farming practices, the 2012 Cereals Challenge results and much, much more.  Come and have a cup of tea or coffee and a chat with one of our team to discover more information about our:
-    Farm managers and management services
-    Agronomists and independent agronomic advice
-    Innovative independent R&D work
-    Farming policy for 2014 harvest
-    Funding and investment options
-    Investment and management of farming businesses overseas
-    Careers and development packages

There are several new exhibits on display this year looking at how we are developing our arable farming, crop breeding, agronomy and applied technology and Nitrogen use to name but a few.  There will be a member of the Velcourt farming team not far away to explain how it applies in practice to our farms and clients

The features of the 2014 stand are:

1.    Variable rate technology: A static display, a sprayer and a fertiliser spreader with roof mounted N-sensors, and information boards highlighting N-sensor technology, including absolute N function on OSR.

2.    Velcourt fungicide research: A focus on a timeline of products that were trialled prior to market release. This area features 3 plots, untreated, Proline, Aviator, This highlights Velcourt’s independent research and the benefit of its in-house R&D team who are able to scrutinise and verify product efficacy in advance of it coming to market.

3.    Oilseed Variety trials: 3 new OSR varieties on show from Bayer’s breeding programme

4.    Cereals challenge: The 5th year of the inter-college agronomy challenge featuring 6 of the top Agricultural colleges competing to grow and market their plot to maximise yield and return – The award will be presented live on the first day of Cereals at 11:00.

5.    JIC wheat genetics, looking at the genetic research into the yield component of the wheat ear, including grain width, grain length, more spikelets, branched ears, and longer glumes

6.    Cropco hybrid wheat: 2 hybrids next to their respective parent lines looking at how to maximise wheat yields and capitalise on hybrid vigour to deliver yield in challenging growing conditions

7.    Oat &Rye growing programs:s  Display highlighting the work Velcourt does been with oats and rye to improve performance in yield, baking, foaming and end-use quality to maximise the value of these food grade products

Tours of the Velcourt stand with a personal guide to explain the features are available to be booked in advance or arranged on the day. 

There are refreshments available all day and our Directors, managers, agronomists and technical team look forward to welcoming you onto our stand.

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The John Innes Foundation supports scientific research, education,  training  and  public engagement. As part of the portfolio of investments, JIF provides a Bursary to one undergraduate per year to pay for their tuition fees in full. The candidate must be destined for a career in Crop Production / Farm Management and meet the criteria below:-

  • Not from a farming background and of UK origin.
  • From a financially disadvantaged family background. 

The candidate will be mentored periodically throughout their studies by Velcourt’s Technical Director and given the opportunity to work for Velcourt during vacations as well as be considered for the Velcourt management training scheme


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