Velcourt’s annual Farm Competition

Every year each farm manager and the businesses they are involved in running take part in the Velcourt farm competition.  Chief executive James Townshend spends time with each manager on-farm and judges the individual performance based on the following criteria:
•    Husbandry of crops and livestock
•    Maintenance of fixed equipment and farm machinery
•    Farm personnel development and training
•    The profile of the individual farm business on a local basis
•    Business development
•    Current financial performance and business plans/budgets for 2013
•    Care of the environment and commitment to the ‘Campaign for the Farm Environment’

There are three categories judged in the competition process:
1.    The Andrew Waite Trophy: Awarded to the Farm Manager who has made the greatest impact in achieving the agreed objectives of the farming businesses under their control, either

•    In the first two years as a Farm Manger with Velcourt in the UK,   OR
•    in his first two years as a Manager of a new Velcourt business 2014 Winner – George Daniel – Percy Farms

2.         The Dairy Trophy:This is awarded to the dairy farm manager judged to have delivered the best result over the past 12 months in terms of his dairy's performance specifically with relation to the agreed physical and financial targets.  2014 Winner – Stewart McCallum at Radstock Co-op

3.         The Velcourt Trophy: Awarded to the Farm Manager judged to have achieved the highest standard of excellence in animal and crop husbandry and overall management of the farm resources under his control, consistent with Velcourt’s objectives to reduce the cost of production, increase the return on working capital employed within each business and maximise profitability. 
The final 6 contestants were judged this year by John Carr-Ellison.2014 Winners1st     Andrew Lensen J Goodley & Son Farms

2nd     Mark Edgecombe Woodsford Farms
3rd     Mark Ward New Barn Farm Congratulations to all the finalists and category winners, to find out more about the Velcourt Farm Competition, the finalists or to speak to a local Velcourt farm manager please contact your local Velcourt regional office.

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The John Innes Foundation supports scientific research, education,  training  and  public engagement. As part of the portfolio of investments, JIF provides a Bursary to one undergraduate per year to pay for their tuition fees in full. The candidate must be destined for a career in Crop Production / Farm Management and meet the criteria below:-

  • Not from a farming background and of UK origin.
  • From a financially disadvantaged family background. 

The candidate will be mentored periodically throughout their studies by Velcourt’s Technical Director and given the opportunity to work for Velcourt during vacations as well as be considered for the Velcourt management training scheme


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