Health and Safety

Vision and Strategic Objectives

'In all matters of health and safety to aspire to match best practices and wherever appropriate to exceed them'.

Best practice is defined as:
'To view regulatory compliance as a minimum standard and to seek a continuous improvement in performance'


  • Continually improve the health and safety of premises, plant and people
  • Implement and maintain safety management systems
  • Improve audit scores and feedback internally and externally from all stakeholders
  • For incident performance, where measured, to be consistently better than the industry average and to improve year on year
  • Receive no prosecutions or enforcement notices from authorities
  • Increase pro-active thinking among staff so we are less dependent upon a reactive response to issues


  • To use interactive forums to share knowledge and near miss reports to ensure collective understanding and responsibility
  • Have clear lines of accountability for Health and Safety within the business
  • Continually assess the requirement for training, ensure its effective delivery through interactive participation and knowledge transfer
  • Work with and exchange information between relevant organisations, industry bodies and our external advisors to deliver against and exceed our objectives.
  • Use third party advisors to audit all our Health and Safety activity and ensure consistent delivery.