Velcourt Timeline

  • 1. 1967

    Founded in 1967 by Robin Malim and three other visionary farmers, who all recognised land ownership and farming were distinct activities. Concentrated in the West Country, Velcourt set up legal partnerships with landowners, the farming was on a low input/output basis, funding wholly by Velcourt. Returns were shared equally.

  • 2. Mid 1970's

    The advent of large institutions acquiring agricultural land presented an opportunity for growth and Velcourt joined forces with several of these to create large, successful partnerships and manage their farming operations.  These arrangements provided our institutional partners with a first charge plus a small share of profits, while Velcourt continued to co-invest.
  • 3. Late 1970's

    Robin Malim in particular forged technical alliances abroad, to develop detailed crop growing programmes which transformed crop yields.  These strides forward in productivity gave rise to the Velcourt Research & Development department, which continues to the present day and is recognised as a leader in needs-driven research.
  • 4. 1980's

    A time of change for the agricultural industry, not least as institutional investors sought to exit.  Velcourt sought buyers who wanted management services provided and also acquired land itself.  Pioneering the use of management agreements, funded and non-funded, these had the attraction of a guaranteed first charge.  Many of these arrangements continue to the present day.  At the turn of the decade, over 7,500 hectares were under direct management.

  • 5. 1990's

    Saw a period of rapid expansion for Velcourt, with the area under direct management exceeding 20,000 hectares by the mid-90s.  Innovation continued on many fronts, including developing people through our Management Training Scheme, trials work, and information technology and benchmarking.

  • 6. 2000 Onwards

    Our reputation for excellence allowed us to continue building long standing relationships with our clients, and as operations expanded in the UK and abroad, so too did our influence in markets. Area under direct management exceeds 50,000 hectares.

  • 7. International

    Since the late-1970s, when Velcourt owned and farmed land in Western Australia, we have provided our expertise all over the world; managing client’s farmland in Zambia, Russia and Hungary, running our own dairy farm in Germany, managing Velcourt funded farming businesses in France and participating in joint ventures in Spain.  We have a proud track record of meeting objectives in such term arrangements. Velcourt continues to provide advisory services to operations in France, Russia and Ukraine.

  • 8. Dairy & Livestock

    In the early 1990’s Velcourt took on and managed our first dairy farm, with approximately 350 cows. Cow numbers managed by Velcourt increased up to 3000 cows in 11 Dairy units by the early 2000’s. To add to this Velcourt had used their livestock experience to start what is now known as the Velcourt Dairy Management Service, which uses a combination of objective planning and Velcourt hands-on management expertise to help other dairy farmers.

    By 2003 Velcourt were managing 2900 cows and advising on another 2400 cows.

    We manage over 6,200 cows over 15 individual dairy units and give hands-on advice on another 7000 cows on 20 different farms.