Research & Development

Our Research & Development department has a long track record of independent crop production technology, which is then transferred to provide solutions to problems facing our farm management team, more specifically to:

  • Provide independent technical information and awareness to the management team through Crop Production Guidelines, Technical Updates, Crop Inspections, In-House training and telephone support.
  • Assist FMs in their technical decision making, ultimately to increase yield and profit and reduce the cost of production per tonne.
  • Provide independent technical information for dissemination to our Agronomy Service Clients through the FM/FD network.
  • Provide technical support to overseas ventures.
  • Keep the management team up to date with legislative changes regarding product approvals, availability, and EU/UK legislative changes.
  • Hold regular update meetings with key agrochemical manufacturers to review product pipeline and current portfolios.
  • Engage with academia and the scientific community, in the UK and overseas, to keep abreast of developments in key areas such as genetics and resistance.
  • Participate in Collaborative Research where there is a meaningful output the company’s management team can benefit from.
  • Identify areas where IP could be created through technical innovation or product development.
  • Input into key Governmental Policy Groups when required.