Current Collaborative Projects

  •  Drone Agronomy. Small plot and farm scale evaluation and product development with Hummingbird
  •  Remote Soil Sensor- Developing a remote soil sensor to give real-time N,P and K levels.
  •  Pea and Bean weevil lure project- Developing a more effective way of controlling the pest.
  •  Soil Microbial project – part of the NERC SARISA portfolio- Investigating how the soil biota changes with crop rotation and soil type and how this affects the take up Phosphate in relation to soil biome.
  •  Developing a remote Potato Blight sensor- A live field based system to detect blight spores in real time.
  •  Israeli Spring wheats. Comparing Israeli spring wheat varieties against UK varieties
  •  Advanced warning of Sclerotinia in OSR- Part of a national alert system based on sclerotial development, petal testing and met data.
  •  Developing thermal stable OSR varieties as an industrial lubricant- A project developing varieties of high Oleic acid and low polyunsaturates for the biolubricant market
  •  Novel Nutrition Products on wheat- A completely new nitrogen product is being trialled on wheat in comparison to Ammonium Nitrate.