Dairy & Livestock Consultancy

Velcourt currently manages over 13,000 cows spread over 30+ herds for nearly 30 different farming businesses across the UK and in Europe. Utilising a highly experienced and specialised management team, each dairy unit is managed to the specific requirements of the owner with the onus on technical excellence delivered in the form of physical and financial return.  These farms produce annually over 117 million litres of milk for different milk buyers on several varied contract profiles. 

Velcourt manages farms right across the wide spectrum of the UK and European dairy industry from large grazing-based systems, to high output 10,000 + litre TMR systems, with herd sizes ranging from 130 to 1400 cows.



Central to all of Velcourt’s dairy operations is the detailed focus on dairy cow nutrition at all stages of lactation and the dry-period.


Unique to Velcourt is weekly costing and recording programme that returns key production criteria in the form of physical and financial performance to the respective herdsperson/manager just three days after the end of the week.

Dairy & Livestock Contacts

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