Dairy Management Services

Velcourt’s dairy farm management team is a dedicated and specialised group of working farm managers experienced in every aspect of modern dairy farming.  They are responsible for the total physical and financial performance of their respective farms.  Managing a variety of dairy units on behalf of farmers, landowners, Estates and investment funds the ability of the individual on the ground to adapt and develop the dairy herd is crucial for success and financial return. 

Velcourt dairy managers take part in continual professional development including BASIS and FACTS, nutrition, environmental legislation and finance, enabling them to offer an unparalleled technical service to their farms and clients.  The whole team meet quarterly to compare performance and ideas, benchmarking and discussion of strategy and industry trends.

As with the arable side of our business we have a truly national reach, from south-west England right up into Scotland.


Central to all of Velcourt’s dairy operations is the detailed focus on dairy cow nutrition at all stages of lactation and the dry-period.


Unique to Velcourt is weekly costing and recording programme that returns key production criteria in the form of physical and financial performance to the respective herdsperson/manager just three days after the end of the week.

Velcourt has built strategic partnerships with its key suppliers and believes that regular interface is vital to ensure products are supplied on competitive terms.

We are farmers, technology providers, and managers of rural business.

Velcourt provides a farm manager working to a management plan within an agreed structure.

We are farmers, technology providers, and managers of rural business..

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