Dairy discussions at Bristol Uni’s new unit

2013 Velcourt Dairy Group meetings get underway


Every 12 weeks Velcourt’s dairy management group gets together in a discussion group format to review the performance of all the company’s dairy farms and to discuss any topical issues.  This forum enables Velcourt’s livestock director Robbie Taylor to convey new information and industry news as well as a knowledge trasnfer exercise for the management team.  Typically the day starts with a session on one of our dairy farms reviewing the herd perfromance and development of the business since the group last met.  This is followed by a formal discussion session looking at all aspects of dairy farm mangement.


February’s meeting was at Velcourt’s dairy unit at Wyndhurst farm, the in-hand faculty farm of Bristol University’s vet school.  Significant investment has been made on this unit over the last 2 years to give the vet school a state of the art reaseach and teaching facility in part project managed by the Velcourt team.  David Hichens the unit’s Velcourt manager talked the group through the challenges of managing the herd and the farm as the development took shape.



Following a review of the new facilities and a discussion on the management of the build and the features that have been incorporated to cmbine the commercial and the teaching requirtements of the university the group reconvened to discuss the following topics and review individual unit progress from the previos meeting. 


Subjects covered at each session include:


1    Farm Managers reports (individual unit’s budgets and updated live budget)
4    Milk Marketing/Milk Contracts and Quota
5    Bench Marking (Herd Companion, fertility, ppl costings and Milk from forage)    
7    Nutrition, Feed and group purchasing
8    Herd Health and Fertility
9    Business Development
10    Health & Safety on Livestock Farms


The group are due to meet again in April where grazing, milk from forage and managing forage crops after the wet season will be top of the agenda.  


To discuss Velcourt’s dairy management services or our bespoke dairy advisory services and what advantages we can offer your business please contact Livestock Director: Robbie Taylor