Come and see us at Cereals 2012

Velcourt at Cereals 2012   

Come and see the Velcourt team at Cereals this year.  The Velcourt Cereals 2012 stand will feature the usual mix of new technology and ideas from our R&D department, site tours and display explanations from a Velcourt farm manager, examples of our leading agronomic and farming practices, the 2012 Cereals Challenge results and much, much more.  Come and have a cup of tea or coffee and a chat with one of our team to discover more information about our:

-    Farm managers and management services
-    Agronomists and independent agronomic advice
-    Innovative independent R&D work
-    Farming policy for 2013 harvest
-    Funding and investment options
-    Investment and management of farming businesses overseas
-    Careers and development packages

There are several new exhibits on display this year looking at how we are developing our arable farming, crop breeding, agronomy and applied technology and Nitrogen use to name but a few.  There will be a member of the Velcourt farming team not far away to explain how it applies in practice to our farms and clients.

The Wheat Genome demonstration

  • 21 rows representing the 7 wheat chromosomes of the 3 genetic ancestors of wheat.
  • Outlining of the chromosome location that influences traits such as pest and disease resistance, grain texture, quality and yield.
  • Demonstration of the challenge in combining favorable gene variants but also the advantage of being able to track them in the laboratory.  

The plots are a perfect way for growers to see what progress is being made by plant breeders in understanding where the important traits lie in the wheat genome. The net result of this is that it will make breeding selection easier and more efficient breeding lines without desirable traits can be discarded early in the breeding process allowing breeders to concentrate on the development of better crosses.  Come and talk to Velcourt’s R&D team about their work to develop Wheat yields on our farms.

SDHI Demonstration

For the first time all four latest SDHI fungicides will be compared on adjacent plots as well as the triazole-only included in each of the formulations.  The picture below shows just some of the contrast in disease control as at 1st June between the Control and Aviator, an SDHI based fungicide. Come along and see the results of all the products for yourself.

Variable Rate Nitrogen - N Sensor

A roving N sensor will scan the plot which has been established with contrasting seed rate and nitrogen rates along its length. This will show visitors to the event of its capability of detecting and reacting to the various crop type situations.

The 2012 Cereals Challenge

Cereals Challenge plots - to encourage a new generation of farmers and agronomists, students from six agricultural colleges are competing to grow the best plot of winter wheat and win £1,000 in the Cereals Challenge 2012, organised by Velcourt and Hutchinsons.
Agri Students Prepare for a Challenge

Innovation in Nitrogen use

Eight different Nitrogen technologies that could help growers make better use of nitrogen while reducing greenhouse gas emissions will be on display together with an explanation of how each one works.

There are refreshments available all day and our Directors, managers, agronomists and technical team look forward to welcoming you onto our stand.