Revealed: Latest on blackgrass control from Velcourt trials

Blackgrass trials highlight increasing resistance to existing herbicides.

Industry has had a stark reminder this season that control of blackgrass with existing chemistry is fading rapidly.  Velcourt continue to conduct a number of trials to look at new and existing herbicide options together with application techniques, timing and all aspects of cultural control such as seed rate, competitivity index, cultivation choice, drilling date and many other elements to ensure we continue to stay ahead of the problem.

The scale of the problem and the effect of a combined and thought out strategy was all too evident at the recent visit to our blackgrass trial site near  Newark

The scale of the problem: (untreated)
A standard approach with existing chemistry: (Liberator + Defy)

The result of a new approach that Velcourt has trialled this season 
and will be sharing with its farm management and advisory clients this year.

To discuss management of Blackgrass, general agronomy and Velcourt’s R&D work in detail or to discuss how the strategies we develop could apply to your business please contact Technical Director Keith Norman or one of our two regional agronomists.

Simon White, the Eastern Region Agronomist examining the plots.