Latest talking points from Velcourt crops

Spring crop inspections round three


In the third collaborative session of regional crop walks that enables Velcourt farm managers to discuss any technical crop issues, developments and ideas from within the group there was much to debate.  As crops have developed through the extremes of the season from a mild winter that saw lush growth levels, a hot dry March and then a record cold and wet spell in April and early May this, more than any other season recently, has been one to react quickly with some difficult decisions.  The advantage of having colleagues locally and nationally in constant communication with a central R&D team means key decisions can be made quickly and with confidence to mitigate the effect of disrupted spray days, poor weather, product shortages and atypical growth stage patterns!

Key subjects for discussion this time were:


  • Protracted flowering of OSR crops and physiological effect of cold weather
  • Sclerotinia risk, latent period and timing of a second flowering spray
  • Product selection and timing gap
  • Use of late foliar N and trace elements to boost oil content and timing
  • The likely effect of an 8 week flowering period on harvest timing
  • Advantages of Podstik in a long maturation season  
  • Late weed emergence control, product selection and latest timings
  • Flag leaf timing and product selection
  • PGR use and product shortage
  • Alternatives to Terpal and Cerone in lush crops
  • Fungicide timing splits T1-T2 and T2-T3 and product choice
  • Cold weather effect and herbicide policy on small sugar beet crops
  • To re-drill or not on small areas of backward sugar beet and maize
  • Downy Mildew control in field beans, timing and product choice
  • Herbicide strategy in pea and bean crops
  • BYDV in cereals and an autumn strategy to mitigate the effect in another high aphid year
  • Crop potential and yield predictions!

The next round of crop inspections is pre-harvest session where key decisions on desiccation and harvest strategy will all be up for debate.

To discuss Velourt’s leading crop technology programs or engage with a your local agronomist or farm manager to compare ideas please contact your local Velcourt regional office.