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Spring crop inspections round two


Velcourt farm managers work closely together to share information regionally and nationally to ensure their colleagues are aware of any technical crop issues, developments and ideas from within the group. Part of this process is the spring crop inspection where, in a discussion group forum, led by Velcourt's technical director Keith Norman and the regional farms director the local farm managers and Velcourt's two agronomy service managers meet monthly to discuss applications, timing, rates and crop development.



Up to date information is fed back through Velcourt's independent R&D team to the farm managers on the ground from new technology and products in the pipeline to live data on insect migration and disease patterns. This is all used in conjunction with the on-farm observations to allow key agronomic decisions to be adjusted and product selection manipulated to maximise crop potential.


Key subjects for discussion this week were:


  • Efficacy of blackgrass control in both Wheat and Oilseed rape and future options
  • Latent disease risk and vulnerability of crops in delayed spraying situations
  • Uptake of Nitrogen timing and effect on yield and quality
  • Final Nitrogen dose rates and timing
  • Growth regulation in fast moving crops
  • Virus prevalence in winter crops
  • Aphid control in spring crops
  • SHDI fungicides, rates, timing and cost benefit
  • Oilseed flowering spray timing and sclerotinia control
  • Inclusion of Winter barley in rotations
  • Yield limiting effects of Oilseed rape rotation timings
  • Prevalence of turnip yellows virus and leaf testing models
  • Crop potential and yield predictions!



The next round of crop inspections is due in mid may where key decisions on flag leaf timing and product choice, crop/disease risk profile and ear sprays will all be up for debate.

To discuss Velourt's leading crop technology programs or engage with a your local agronomist or farm manager to compare ideas please contact your local Velcourt regional office