Danish students put Velcourt to the test

Danish Agri-business students compare Velcourt farms with their own systems

A group of 26 students from the Royal Agricultural and Business Academy of Denmark-Dalum Landbrugsskole recently visited Velcourt's farming operations based near Stamford. The students were all agri-business students in their final year and were very interested in comparing the different business structures and cost of production in the UK with their farm businesses at home.

Velcourt Farms Director Brian Redrup introduced the group to Velcourt and its structure, detailing the various client agreements that are in place. This was met with great interest by the students many of whom are farmer's sons or are seeking a job in farm management. Velcourt Farms Manager Jason Turnbull outlined the farming businesses at Stamford and how one of his main focus points is sustainability and major cost reduction through direct drilling and precision farming techniques.

The group travelled to the fenland unit Jason manages to compare Sugar Beet production and growing techniques with Danish methods as many of the group were beet growers. In a similar way they looked at wheat, oilseed rape and beans, comparing production methods, costs and yield differences in the UK and Denmark.

To conclude the day Jason and Brian led an in-depth discussion on staff management detailing training, working time directive, motivation and the Velcourt Farm Management Training scheme.