Velcourt Leads New TSB funded project on Forage Soya

Developing a Forage Soya variety for the UK.

Partners: Velcourt (Lead Partner), Soya UK, Biotal, NIAB TAG

This project aims to develop forage soya for use on UK farms. When price and availability of imported soya protein was not an issue, UK production of soya protein was not economically viable. However the economics for vegetable protein have recently changed and soya production for forage is successfully grown in the US & S.Africa which could be adapted to enable UK production. We will evaluate non-GM soya lines for whole-crop forage harvesting in the UK thus allowing issues relating to late maturity, yield and harvesting to be overcome in more marginal livestock areas. Anti nutritional problems will be avoided, facilitating direct production and use on-farm with reduced transport/processing costs.