Velcourt data boosts Othello

A series of Velcourt trials has demonstrated that Othello is the only option for spring treatment of established annual meadow-grass, explains the company’s technical director, Keith Norman.

“At the pre-emergence timing there are several cost-effective solutions but once weeds get to 2-3 leaf stage, it’s difficult to control them with anything but Othello,” he says.

“Trials on two sites over two consecutive years have shown the value of a robust pre-emergence treatment,” says Mr Norman.  “But if these treatments were delayed to the 2-3 leaf stage, control from early treatments slipped from high 90s to low 70s, while any further delay until March, when plants were starting to tiller, caused efficacy to drop right down to around 15 per cent.

“But when Othello was applied at this same spring timing, onto large plants, Othello gave 96-97% control.

Growers would do well to note for next season that control could benefit from a split approach, says Bayer CropScience’s Chris Cooksley.  “An early pre-em application of half-rate Liberator followed by Othello in the spring has delivered 100% control of annual meadow-grass in trials.

“This robust sequence will provide very good control of a range of broad-leaved weeds as well as meadow-grass, ensuring yield is protected from crop competition and controlling any later emerging weeds.”