Timing and technique optimise performance

As the only option for control of large annual meadow-grass this spring, it’s important that growers get the best from Othello, explains The Arable Group’s Ben Freer.

With meadow-grass moving quickly from germination to tillering, and pressure already building on spring workloads, Mr Freer is cautioning growers not to rush on too early.  “As a sulphonyl-urea Othello needs soils to warm up and active growth to resume before it will work.  Plants will not be susceptible if they are dormant,” he says.

“It is important good spray coverage is achieved too.  So as crops get going, look out for shading from denser canopies: Othello is a contact material so its essential good coverage is established.” 

TAG is advising its growers to consider higher water volumes, to stick to medium flat-fan nozzles and not to travel too fast.

New tank-mix recommendations from Bayer, which maximise efficacy and minimise potential for any adverse crop effects, will require careful planning of treatments.  “Inevitably it’s going to mean an additional pass for some growers,” says Mr Freer.  “Where significant grass-weed problems are matched by the need for a T0 fungicide, growers may decide to switch products to those supported by Bayer.

“Othello has consistently performed best in TAG trials, for control of well-developed meadow-grass.”