CEREALS Event - Velcourt Exhibition 2015

Date: 31-03-2115

Velcourt will be exhibiting at Cereals 2015, showcasing its tried and tested farm management systems and a series of new developments in crop production techniques and agronomy. The stand will be hosted by a combination of Velcourt’s senior management team, regional agronomist, its in-house technical team and a selection of its farm managers.

Machinery manufacturers Case, New Holland and Vaderstad have also partnered with Velcourt to demonstrate their latest innovations and technical developments. The stand will feature the latest offerings from each and a static demonstration of how the equipment and technology is being put to use on Velcourt farms.

The features of the 2015 stand are:

1. Commercialisation of New Technologies: An exhibit of Velcourt’s research and development into overseas technology and its use on their UK farms. Featuring 5 new varieties of Israeli spring wheat, Mychorrizal fungi as a yield enhancer and 2 new product offerings from plant nutrient specialist Verdesian.

2. Drones in Agriculture: A static display, highlighting Velcourt’s 3 year project looking at the deployment of drones within their farms to detect, identify and quantify disease. Showing how Velcourt plans to use this technology to achieve new levels of attention to detail in its agronomy offerings.

3. Velcourt Fungicide Management: Examples of how Velcourt is using varietal resistance and drilling date to offset the reduction of fungicide efficacy. The exhibit will feature a time lapse video of how, uncontrolled, septoria builds up over time and devastates yield potential.

4. OSR Establishment: A first-hand demonstration on the effects of drilling date on flea beetle damage in OSR crops and an explanation of the systems Velcourt uses to mitigate its effect post Neo-nics.

5. Cereals Challenge: The 6th year of the inter-college agronomy challenge featuring 6 of the top agricultural colleges competing to grow and market their plot of hybrid Rye to maximise yield and return – The award will be presented live on the first day of Cereals at 11:00.

6. JIC Wheat Genetics, Highlighting the genetic research work into the yield component of the wheat ear, including grain width, grain length, more spikelets and leaf wax differences for better photosynthesis efficiency. Use of genetic markers to identify and speed up the delivery to field of future, more productive varieties.

7. Blackgrass Control: Display showcasing Velcourt’s blackgrass control strategies encompassing a move away from agrochemicals and an integrated approach using rotation, drilling date, seed rates, field zoning, and machinery specification.

8. Yara N Tester: A mobile field sensor display demonstrating the new handheld N tester, the established N sensor and the new “Absolute N” approach to wheat management.

9. Root Enhancement: An insight into Velcourt’s investment with the Crop Improvement Research Club and the use of CT scanning and conductivity to gauge uptake efficiency and influence varietal selection.

10. Crops for AD plants: To supply the AD units on its farms and others Velcourt grows a number of feedstock crops and has developed growing guidelines to optimise yield and quality. This provides a demonstration of how to optimise these crops and how they fit a wider balanced rotation including as part of a blackgrass control strategy.

11. Bayer OSR Varieties: Examples of three new Bayer OSR varieties and demonstration of Velcourt’s unique OSR fungicide programmes
Tours of the Velcourt stand with a personal guide to explain the features are available - to be arranged on the day. All elements of the Velcourt team including international management and the technical and finance teams will be available for discussion and for comment throughout the two days

Hi-res images available on request.
For more information contact Nick Shorter or Catherine Orpin This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.