John Innes Foundation

The John Innes Foundation supports scientific research, education,  training  and  public engagement. As part of the portfolio of investments, JIF provides a Bursary to one undergraduate per year to pay for their tuition fees in full. The candidate must be destined for a career in Crop Production / Farm Management and meet the criteria below:-

  • Not from a farming background and of UK origin.
  • From a financially disadvantaged family background. 

The candidate will be mentored periodically throughout their studies by Velcourt’s Technical Director and given the opportunity to work for Velcourt during vacations as well as be considered for the Velcourt management training scheme


The objective of the John Innes Foundation Bursary is to establish an ongoing award to finance one student per year, who wishes to follow a career in Primary Crop Production in the UK, as opposed to an academic, research or overseas career.  The Bursary will cover course fees and will be paid each term to the successful student.  The bursary will be awarded on a competitive basis, and only applicable for students taking on a 3 year degree course. The Bursary is being promoted to six Universities who offer a Crop based degree course.  As well as course fee re-imbursement, the successful student will be given the opportunity of working closely with Velcourt, the UKs largest Farm Management Company.

Conditions of the Bursary.

The student will be:

  1. Not from a farming background and of UK origin.
  2. From a financially disadvantaged family background.
  3. Shortlisted and selected through a combination of interview and a written application.
  4. Mentored periodically throughout their degree by Velcourt’s Technical Director.
  5. Given the opportunity to work for Velcourt during summer holidays and be considered for the Velcourt management training scheme following graduation.
  6. Enrolled on a full time, 3 year, BSc(Hons) degree course in Agriculture / Crop Production
  7. The degree course will commence Autumn 2018

The Bursary:

The Bursary would be paid at the beginning of each term and is discretionary on the student’s progress and attendance record.

The Bursary would cover the annual cost of the Course Fee, currently £9,000 per annum

The Closing date for entries is  October 31st 2018


The students’ progress will be monitored at the end of each academic year and they will be expected to present a short presentation of their progress to the JIF trustees.  After graduation, the student will make an annual report to the trustees on their career progress.

Please click the following link to download the application form

Application form