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Arable Farming Services

At Velcourt, we manage arable farms right across the UK and internationally. From combinable and root crops through to top fruit and biomass crops, we are dedicated to achieve the best results possible for all of our clients.

Our scale and long-term relationships with key suppliers mean that we are able to keep our input and overhead costs as low as possible, thereby driving profitability for our clients.

Our approach is simple; to understand your objectives and then tailor our service to meet your needs. Each of our farming arrangements are unique, bespoke to the requirements of our clients.

Our farm managers have an intimate understanding of the unique requirements of your business ‘on the ground’, taking control of daily operations. Farm Directors work closely with our managers to provide strategic direction and meet regularly with clients to provide comprehensive and transparent updates.

As the only farm management company in the UK with its own R&D team, the farming businesses we manage benefit from unparalleled technical support. This knowledge transfer provides our farm managers with information to make a positive difference to outcomes, yields,cost of production and profitability.

What We Do

Strategic Planning

Work to an agreed overarching strategy to achieve long term objectives

Bespoke Arrangements

No two arrangements are the same, reflecting the unique qualities of each of our client's farms


Using our scale and well-established relationships to deliver cost benefits to our clients’ businesses

Crop Marketing

Independent, strategic advice to obtain best prices and execute sales efficiently


Regular physical and financial performance monitoring in terms of cost control, profitability and cash management

Velcourt Arable Farming Facts


Tonnes of top fruit picked


Tonnes of combinable crops grown


Hectares managed by Velcourt in the UK


Hectares of SugarBeet planted


Hectares of potatoes managed

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