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At Velcourt we’re farmers first, measuring our success as dairy and livestock farm managers on the basis of the physical, financial and performance returns we deliver. We pride ourselves on our pragmatism and practicality and we farm your operation as if it’s our own. 

We offer our UK and international clients a range of flexible farm management services, from supplying routine care and sourcing infrastructure to full-scale enterprise planning and costing. 

Whatever your size or system, we’ll work with you to carry out a thorough business appraisal and to produce a three year plan. Regular financial reporting and unique weekly costings keep us fully accountable. 

Our staff are highly-trained specialists, dedicated to technical excellence and passionate about their industry. Our farm managers and directors work collaboratively at a national and international level to ensure that best practice is communicated and adapted across the whole of the Velcourt farm network, whatever the enterprise.

We’re advocates for the difference a carefully formulated diet and tailored management can make at an individual animal level and we’re committed to using the latest technology to monitor progress and performance rather than technology for technology’s sake. At the heart of everything that we do is our team’s experience in managing farms linked to our company-run R&D into growing, harvesting and feeding forage and other crops.

What We Do


Operating to an agreed strategy to maximise outcomes


Ongoing development of our people to equip them for their roles


Weekly comparison of key performance indicators against all dairies under management


Herd health and well-being is of paramount importance and is constantly monitored

Health & Safety

Rigorous approach towards ensuring a safe working environment for all our people

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