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Velcourt is the only farm management company in the UK with its own independent R&D team. We’ve also built relationships over several decades of engagement with the scientific and academic community to ensure that our farm management team remains at the vanguard of crop production research.

Ultimately, our goal is to use science to deliver real, measurable farm-based practices. We’re committed to applying the latest findings to produce tangible results for the farms we manage and our agronomy consultancy clients; namely, increased yields and profit and a reduced price of production per tonne.

Our approach is independent and proactive. Looking ahead to legislative changes, new product development and technical innovation and exploring their potential application and outcomes in the field. We help our farm managers and agronomists provide the highest quality service by delivering regular crop protection guidelines, technical updates, in-house training, telephone support and more.

We’re also shaping the future of crop production, both nationally and internationally. We provide valuable farm-based insights to Government policy forums as well as actively participating in research projects where we anticipate meaningful benefits for our clients.

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The only UK farm management company with an R&D team

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