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Environmental Services

As the UK adjusts to a new era of Agricultural Policy, Velcourt fully understands the role and value that natural capital holds within our businesses. We have many years of experience in designing and incorporating environmental schemes into our farming systems to ensure the two enterprises operate in harmony.

We recognise the increasing pressure on the natural environment and through our careful, joined up land management, working with rather than against nature we are increasing on farm biodiversity. Working with trusted partners we are able to monitor and record indicator species on our farms to ensure our practices are having a positive effect.

The health and resilience of our soils is paramount in the production of our food, while supporting the wider biodiversity of our farmed land. The management of our soils is pivotal in addressing the effects of climate change and delivering on the targets set out in future policy. We monitor and improve the physical, chemical and biological properties of our soils by reducing the intensity of tillage, utilise organic matter inputs and incorporate cover crops into our rotations to keep our soils covered all year round.

Through thorough analysis of our farms, we are able to measure and reduce our carbon emissions The ability to benchmark against different and diverse businesses allows us to understand how we can reduce our clients’ carbon footprint. Working with our own in-house Research and Development team we are able utilise the latest technology to ensure our inputs are targeted to where they are required while minimising the risk of environmental harm.

To understand more about our approach or how an integrated farm plan that matches biodiversity and environmental enhancement with productive farming practice please contact our environmental specialist.

What We Do

Environmental Stewardship

Curating, implementing and managing agri-environmental schemes that deliver positive outcomes for biodiversity and compliment the core farming activity

Carbon Accounting

Understanding how the management of our farming systems can help reverse climate change and farm to net zero

Natural Capital

Assessing and adding value to our farms through auditing, maintaining and enhancing their natural assets

Soil Health

Managing and improving soils to enhance biodiversity, supporting sustainable crop and livestock production

Integrated Farm Management

Adopting a whole farm approach delivering the highest levels of sustainable farming

Responsible Farming For The Future