Management Training Scheme



The aim of the Management Training Scheme is to provide Velcourt with an ongoing supply of highly effective farm managers in order to achieve the Company’s profitable growth objectives. It has proven over the years to be an excellent entry into farm management and most of Velcourt’s current management team entered the Company via this route.

Duration:It is essentially an intensive one-year programme and lays the foundation for the on-going training and development all Velcourt managers undergo throughout their career. During the period of the training scheme, participants are based on one of Velcourt’s farms. The objective is to leave the trainee on this farm for the whole period in order to see a full farming cycle.

Remuneration:A competitive salary is paid and suitable accommodation is provided free of rent. All travelling and training expenses are met by the Company.

Structure:The scheme is designed to be bespoke to each individual’s requirements. There are a number of modules that all participants are expected to undertake in addition to selected, specific training, dependent upon whether the trainee is based on an arable or livestock farm. At the outset of the training scheme and at regular intervals throughout, participants will be appraised to assess their needs and progress.

The training courses will be of varying types including on farm practical instruction, more formal classroom instruction and residential personal development courses. All the training is designed to be highly participative and will be run by Velcourt directors and senior managers, external instructors and management development tutors as appropriate. The following subjects are taught in a series of 1-3 day sessions:

  • Induction – to Velcourt and farm
  • Health & Safety
  • Personal Development Programme: management techniques
  • Soil Management and Cultivations
  • Farm Planning, Rotations & Crop planning, and 3-year plan
  • Velcourt accounting and understanding finance
  • Office routines, standard procedures
  • Field Recording – GateKeeper
  • Velcourt Protocol and Trading Arrangements
  • On Farm Energy & Utilities Management
  • Single payment – Cross compliance – Stewardship schemes
  • Combinable Crop Production
  • Velcourt crop production guidelines
  • In field crop inspection technique
  • Grain drying and storage
  • Potato production
  • Sugar Beet production
  • Irrigation
  • Basic dairy herd management and milk production
  • Grassland and forage crop management
  • Farm Waste management planning
  • Breeding, Fertility, herd health and hygiene
  • Dairy cow nutrition and ration formulation

EvaluationAll the training will be subject quarterly evaluation, this may be testing and certification where appropriate or simply an assessment of the applicants understanding by his line manager which will be discussed during appraisal interviews every three months.

The TFM Project: Each Trainee Manager completes a project based on the farm or the wider farming business. The final report will be a written evaluation of a pre-agreed proposal containing any relevant research or comparative data, quotes and costings for the project being no more than 5,000 words. In addition to the final written Document a summary PowerPoint presentation is prepared and a presentation is given to a group of Velcourt farm managers.

Application Procedure

The Training Scheme commences 1st October each year. Final interviews take place during harvest. Generally, applicants are expected to work on a Velcourt farm over harvest (or at any other time of year if work is available). This acts as a period of evaluation and has proven to be the most successful route for entry onto the scheme. This does not necessarily have to be the harvest immediately prior to the commencement of the scheme, a good number of students have completed this period of work during vacations and joined the scheme later, having spent time travelling etc. 

Applications in writing, enclosing Curriculum Vitae, should be sent to:

Mr N D Shorter

Velcourt Ltd
The Farm Office
Berwick Farm
Berwick St Leonard

If you require any further information then please contact Nick on telephone no: 01747 820230