Dairy & Livestock

Demand for meat and dairy products is increasing. But a competitive global market and stringent legislative environment within the EU present a formidable challenge for those seeking to operate profitably in this sector while attaining reasonable margins.

Velcourt employs a team of specialist livestock farm managers, overseen by a dedicated livestock director, who have expertise in dairy cows, beef cattle and sheep. The regular sharing of information within the team allows benefits identified in one livestock unit to be quickly shared and potentially replicated in others, offering significant added value for clients.

As dairy specialists Velcourt staff have a deep and unrivalled understanding of how herds are best housed, fed, protected from disease and efficiently milked. Working with herds as small as 100 head to those in excess of 1,000, we recognise that each dairy unit needs to take account of many different factors and so will have its own best solution.

Our outstanding results stem from a core focus on dairy cow nutrition. Using the latest technical innovations Velcourt monitors herds at an individual cow level, analysing a range of outputs to produce a carefully formulated diet that meets the specific needs of each group of animals. We are able check the end results thanks to a unique performance programme that supplies accurate physical and financial performance figures on a daily basis.

For clients who prefer to manage the day-to-day running of livestock units themselves, Velcourt offers a tailored advice service, delivered by our specialist farm managers, who provide the same high level of technical support, feed formulation and strategic financial planning enjoyed by our managed-farm clients.

Dairy & Livestock Contacts

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