June 2018 - Velcourt



An operator was unblocking a straw chopper machine and his hand slipped resulting in a cut to the hand. The operator was taken to A&E for a further check, the cut was glued and time off work is required to keep the cut clean and dry.


A farm worker was pushing up heifers in the race and as the worker attempted to shut the gate a heifer pushed back causing their arm to get caught between the gate and the gate post resulting in a broken arm.

Follow up: A RIDDOR was submitted and the worker was reminded how important it is to be aware of surroundings and to never compete with the strength of larger animal’s, the worker will attend cattle handling training ASAP.


A wash down hose in the parlour was left on the step in the milking pit. The worker tripped up on the pipe when going up the steps. The worker was focussed on the job in hand however didn’t see the hose pipe. The worker has unfortunately suffered a small fracture to the ankle and a stretched ligament.

Follow up: Staff have been reminded to not leave anything in the way of access points and hoses should be left against the pit wall to avoid trips in the future when they are not being used.

Near Miss:

A resident has reported standing in their drive with 2 others when there was a crash on the roof tiles of their office. At first they had no idea what was happening but were alarmed by the crash on the roof and something falling down; it appeared a Hummingbird drone had been flying but the conditions were blustery and it must have been caught in a gust of wind.

Follow up:

The company’s outcome together with the drones manufacture is that this crash was down to pilot error caused by poor flight planning and a drop in of situational awareness; the pilot has since been dismissed.


A farm manager was moving a concrete panel for the cattle feed trough, the panel slipped and fell on to the operator’s leg causing a break.

Follow up: Page 2 of 2 23 April 2018

This is not a usual job carried out on the farm and plans will be made so that the panels are not needed to be moved in the future