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When the tractor and drill was stopped to allow the drilling depth to be altered, a small amount of smoke was noticed to be coming from the ISOBUS socket at the back of the tractor (Case Optum 300). The drill computer was immediately shut down and the plug removed from the socket, which stopped the smoke. TH White were informed, and, upon closer investigation, it was found that rainwater had entered the back of the socket causing the wires to short which, in turn, had caused the smoke.

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Life changing injuries following fall from silage clamp May 2018

A farming company has been fined after a worker fell three metres from a silage clamp onto a concrete floor.

Stewart, a contract herdsman for Evercreech Park Farms Ltd, fractured two vertebrae in his neck and back, suffered nerve damage and was in intensive care for four days when he fell from an adjacent silage clamp whilst assisting lining the walls of a silage bay.

The HSE’s investigation into the incident of 16 May 2016 found the company did not have a risk assessment or safe system of work in place for working at height. The investigation also found it would have been reasonably practicable to carry out these tasks in other safer ways, such as by using a mobile elevating work platform.

Evercreech Park Farms Ltd of Shepton Mallet pleaded guilty to breaching Regulation 4(1) of the Work at Height Regulations 2005 and was fined £16,000 with costs of £3,467.07.

Speaking after the hearing, HSE Inspector Annette Walker said: “This incident could so easily have been avoided by simply carrying out safe working practices. If a suitable safe system of work had been in place prior to the incident, the life changing injuries sustained by Mr Stewart could have been prevented.”


Whilst servicing a cultivator operator went to release a trapped sprung levelling board from packer. As the item was released it sprung back into position catching the operators hand. Operator suffered cuts to his ring finger and little finger. First aid was administered on farm. The operator was reminded he should have been wearing gloves as is stated in the RAs and Dos and Don’ts, and that the incident was preventable with more care and attention.


A Magnum 380 CVX driving along a narrow lane had to do an emergency stop to avoid a collision with an oncoming car. The brakes did not operate and the operator had to drive into the verge to avoid the accident. Once the car had passed the operator tried the brakes again which worked. On inspection the dealer noted that the seals on the master cylinder were leaking allowing air into the system. High pressure on the pedal compressed and expelled some air through the seals causing the brakes not to operate. There is a failsafe whereby if Page 2 of 2 23 April 2018

the brake pedal goes all the way to the floor the park brake will operate. New (updated) master cylinder has been fitted.