November 2018 - Velcourt



A farm Toyota Hi lux was parked up, the driver had put the hand brake on and left the vehicle in neutral, as he walked away the vehicle rolled forward slowly down into a ditch. The rear brakes were dismantled to find that the oil seals had failed on the axle and the brake shoes were covered in oil.

Follow up:

The vehicle had been through the daily check; the farm manager had driven the vehicle a couple of days beforehand, no issues were detected, mechanical failure of this nature is hard to prevent.

Non Velcourt Incident:

A farming partnership has been fined £100,000 after an employee suffered fatal head injuries after being struck by a tractor.

On 26 January 2017, an employee of Wragmire Bank Farm, Cumwhinton, was knocked over by a moving tractor in the farmyard as he stepped out a door from the calf shed.

The HSE’s investigation found that JS Wood and Son, the partnership that owned the farm, had not taken action to ensure that pedestrians and vehicles could circulate safely.

The spot where the incident took place was on the main thoroughfare of the busy farm and the investigation found that farm workers going to or from the calf shed had to cross this route, which was regularly used by farm vehicles.

JS Wood & Son of Cumwhinton, Carlisle pleaded guilty to breaching Regulation 17(1) of the Workplace (Health Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. The partnership was fined £100,000 and ordered to pay costs of £7,310.80.

Speaking after the hearing HSE Inspector Matthew Tinsley said: “All businesses, including farms, should recognise the risk that moving vehicles present to workers and put in place control measures to prevent or reduce those risks.

“These measures can include using railings, segregated vehicle and pedestrian routes, speed limits and warning signs. Taking simple steps such as these can help to prevent tragic accidents such as this”.


A telehandler was moving some empty potatoes boxes around the yard when another machine caused the operator to have to sharply put his brakes on. In doing this one of the Page 2 of 2 20 September 2018

boxes fell off the stack and landed on the telehandler smashing the front windscreen. No one was hurt but there was damage to the machine.

Follow up:

All staff have been reminded to take extra care around the telehandlers and if needed use horns to make their presence known.


When turning right onto a B road in a farm Polaris the car behind misjudged the forward speed of the Polaris slamming on their brakes therefore causing the car behind that to drive into the rear of them. The Polaris was untouched.

Follow up:

The indicators on the Polaris were working and were clean however the farm has taken the precaution to fit two extra lights to the back of the cab.