International Farm Management

Velcourt has considerable experience providing farm management with/for investors to ensure land operations can deliver short-term returns as well as meeting long-term investment goals of land ownership.

We have extensive first-hand experience of providing business and technical management skills, in regions across the world including Eastern Europe, former Soviet Union, Africa, Australia and Germany, focussed on improving efficiency and returns.

Velcourt International offer a range of management and consultancy solutions tailored to the requirements of our customers.

  • Project appraisal and due diligence
    • Investment appraisal, asset selection, risk analysis and exit strategy
  • Technical consultancy
    • Drawing on in-house expertise via our Research and Development department and a wealth of experience in international consultancy and operational execution
    • We regularly consult on the following areas for clients:
      • Arable - rotations and cropping systems, variety and hybrid selection, crop protection & nutrition, soil management and cultivations, trial design and implementation
      • Livestock - management systems, housing, health, fertility, nutrition, management KPI’s
  • Management consultancy
    • With over twenty-five years’ experience operating in a range of overseas markets, our understanding of the challenges of farming in these geographies is second to none. We deliver practical management advice, grounded in our own experience of running farming businesses in these countries, typically:
      • Strategy, business direction and enterprise mix
    • Financial planning, budgeting and cash flow management
      • Development of appropriate on and offshore business structures
      • Restructuring where required
      • Fixed cost structure, staffing profiles and machinery
      • Recruitment of key management
      • Health and Safety
      • Controls and measures
      • Telematics, remote sensing and control systems
  • Auditing and review
    • We regularly undertake third party auditing work on behalf of investors and senior management.The objective insight which we impart is highly valued by those customers employing us in this service, which is particularly valuable where senior management is remote from the businesses.  We regularly report upon:
      • Operational performance
      • Financial performance
      • Variable and fixed cost benchmarking
      • Local management 
      • Condition of fixed assets and machinery
  • Farm management
    • Where required we are able to provide full farm management services for either the short or long-term. The same level of expertise and professionalism that is the hallmark of Velcourt’s management in the UK is also reflected in our overseas farm management.
  • Project implementation:
    • Based upon significant experience developing new farming projects around the world, we are able to offer significant support to new projects in the following areas:
      • Project planning and feasibility studies
      • Tender preparations and management for purchases
      • Monitoring and auditing of development and infrastructure installation
      • Recruitment and training of staff and personnel
      • Monitoring and auditing of land clearance, reclamation and breaking

International Farm Management Contacts

Farms Director - Midlands


Farms Director


Overseas Adviser & Agronomist.